Childeren Of Peace - Silent Night/Ave Maria....................


“Children of Peace” was released in December 1970 and was the winning song of a Christmas song contest organised by the Dutch T.V. ( Tros ).
The T.V. viewers could vote out of several artists for the best Christmas song.

Unit Gloria was the winning group with the fantastic
Christmas song “Children of Peace”.

At the B-side of the record is recorded “Silent Night” which is beautiful
mixed with “Ave Maria”. You hear the
fantastic voice of Robert Long.

The recording of this T.V. program is the only video registration left from Unit Gloria with Robert Long as a lead singer, that’s a pity!!!!!!  

Children Of Peace

C. Thissen/L. Dievendal/P. Bos )

Silent Night / Ave Maria
(S. Grüber) / ( Bach-Gounod-Hill)
(Bewerking Wim Jongbloed)

Producer: Bobby Graham

Label: Imperial 5C 006-24264