Heartaches And Sorrow - Jimmy Jackson....................


"Heartaches and Sorrow" was released in June 1970 and was the first 7” Record which had on both sides an own composition of group.

"Heartaches and Sorrow" is a great number, which is brought out in two different versions, the first version is the 7” Single release.

The second release (Heartaches and Sorrow Part-2)  you can find on the Long player “Ultrajectum”. This version start with a bass intro from Hoss
and is played in a slower tempo then 7” version, its Hoss favorite version of “Heartaches and Sorrow”

The B-side “Jimmy Jackson” is a semi-live recording with a very nice introduction by Robert Long.

The record was released around the world.

Both numbers on this 7” record give you a very nice impression how
Unit Gloria performed live.

Side 1:
Heartaches And Sorrow
(Van Hardeveld-Leverman- Hol -Hol)

Side 2:
Jimmy Jackson
(Van Hardeveld-Leverman- Hol -Hol)

Producer: Bobby Graham

Label: Imperial 5C 006-24213





German Release

Label: EMI Columbia C006-24213





 France Release

At this release is "Jimmy Jackson" the A-side,
this comparing to all other releases

Label: Pathé 2C 006-24.213M





USA Release

Label: Bell Promotional copy – Not for sale-USA 9604-BW en 9605




This record is also a USA version but the text at the
label is BLACK instead of the other USA release

Label: Bell Promotional copy – Not for sale-USA 9604-BW en 9605





Venezuela Release

Label: EMI ODEON OD-45-65 24213



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