The Leader - Don't Upset Your Self....................


The release of the record “The Leader” is from May 1971 and
became a deserved hit for Unit Gloria.
In Suriname and Luxembourg this record became a number one hit.
At the end of the record Ad Bouman (The producer) has mixed the well known fazing sound in it, which has given this song something special.

The B-Side is an own-written song called “Don’t Upset Yourself”
At the beginning of the song you hear how the recording tape was started, again a funny joke from Ad Bouman.
The music of this record is used as a basis
for a Radio Veronica Jingle.

The picture at the front side of the record sleeve is the same as the posters
which were given away during the live performance

Side 1:
The Leader
Anthony King/Harold Spiro)

Side 2:
Don't Upset Yourself
(B.Leverman-H.van Hardeveld-A. Hol-G. Hol)

    Producer: Unit Gloria & Ad Bouman

Label: Imperial 5c 006-24298


The record "The Leader"
is released with two different kind of labels.

The first release was the label blue,
at the second release the label was black.

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