Santa Fe....... The Records.......

  Switch on the sound on your PC, to listen to the 7" vinyl records. 

Santa Fe was a secret project in 1972 from Unit Gloria under supervision
 from Louis van Rymenant, a Belgium producer.

Louis van Rymenant was under the impression of Unit Gloria and
he managed that the group got a lot of work in Belgium.

Unit Gloria is still thankful to Louis van Rymenant for what he did for them.

Under his supervision the group recorded four songs;
three of them were released on a record.

The first two songs  “Annabella R.S.V.P”. and “Love Is A Way Of Live”  
were released in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.
On this page  you see the cover sleeves and labels of the records.

In the eighties the third song “Stand Up And Fight”  was released,
with on the B-side again “Love Is A Way Of Live” with this exception
that only the singing part was used from the original recording,
the music was made by another group.
The funny part of this single is that on the cover was written
Robert Long & Santa Fe, which means: NO secrets anymore about who was
the singer on this record.

Below you can listing to the records.

Side 1:
Annabella R.S.V.P.

(G. Fletcher / D. Flett) 

Side 2:
Love Is A Way Of Live
(R. O'Paque)

Production: Louis van Rymenant

Producer:Ad Bouman

Label: Dureco / PinK Elephant - PE 22.615-H



Belgium Release

Label: CBS 7774 ( Eurovox Production)




German Release

Label: Bellaphon ( Eurovox ) BF 18085




France Release

Label: Riviera 121421 J ( Eurovox Production)




  Belgium Release ( from the 80's)

kant 1:
Stand Up And Fight

(M. Murray / P. Callander) 

kant 2:
Love Is A Way Of Live
(R. O'Paque)

Producer: Louis van Rymenant

Label: Sabam Eur-19885-B ( Eurovox Records)

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