The Storm - So Good To Dance....................


The Storm was released in June 1969 directly after the success of
" The Last Seven Days".

It was released on the Red-Bullet label from Willem van Kooten
( alias Joost den Draaijer ) and not on the Imperial label where
Gloria had recorded "The Last Seven Days".
Red-Bullet was the former record company from Gloria were
they had recorded their first two 7” records.

After the record “Bitter Sweet” Willem van Kooten discontinued
the co-operation with Gloria, but told them that they were
not allowed to go to another record company.
But Gloria had never signed a contract with Willem van Kooten,
this by a very clever move from Hoss.
Because of that, Gloria was free to go to another record company
which really believed in them, with the result: a very big hit
with the name  “"The Last Seven Days".

Red Bullet also tried with "The Storm" to sail on the success
Gloria had with their new record company.

“The Storm” became also a hit, despite the fact that the record was a
demo recording which Gloria had made at 04:00 in the night,
even the vocals were recorded in once.

The B-side "So Good To Dance" is the same song as on the debut 7"record.

Side 1:
The Storm
(S. Phillips)

Producer: Bobby Graham

Side 2:
So Good To Dance
(H.van Hardeveld/G. Hol/A. Hol/B. Revel)

Producer: George Kooymans

Label: Philps JF 334616



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