Wild Bird - To Make My Father Proud....................


"Wild Bird" released in September 1969, is my personal favorite of Gloria.
It’s an unbelievable good record, which during was a top song
during their live performances too.

It’s unbelievable that this record didn’t make it to the TOP40,
one of the reasons could be that in 1969 too much 7” records
were released from Gloria.

 “Wild Bird” is used for the BEST jingle Radio Veronica ever made!!

Side 1:
Wild Bird
(A. Hol - R. Leverman)
Arr.: Nicky Welsh

Side 2:
To Make My Father Proud
(Bob Crewe - Larry Wiers)
Arr.: Nicky Welsh

Producer: Bobby Graham

Label: Imperial 5C 006-24073





German Release

Label: Columbia 1 C006-24073




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