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Gerrit (Meep) Hol

Jukebox Singles
Years' 50 -' 60.

Bonnie St. Claire  
Bonnie St. Claire  
Peter Koelewijn  
The Murphyjets

The Murphyjets
out of Utrecht

The Jets

out of Utrecht

The Black Albinos

One of the group were Hoss is playing

The Buffoons

The Buffoons fansite

Nederpop Classics pagina  
Sixties pagina  
Stichting Norderney  

The Offshore Radio Guide

Everything about  Offshore Radio

Offshore Music

Toppers from the
Sixties and Seventies

Dutch Music

Veronica 192

Old Veronica with an Audio Stream


Media News & Media Memories

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are now available on CD

 hundreds of independent music stores
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