Mea Semper Vivet Gloria....................


The first Long player from Gloria was released in 1969 and was a very special record immediately. Not only for the music but also for the cover.
The cover is made of special black paper with golden letters on it.

All the big hits of that time are on the record. On this record the group performed  an excellent piece of music with different kind of music styles.

Beside the hits, other beautiful numbers are:  "Still Searching For Love", "Summer Rain", en in Stereo “Wild Bird”.
(The Single version was recorded in Mono)

This long player is also released in other countries, below you see releases
from Germany and
If you look at the German release you will see that on the record label is
written “Robert Long and the Unit Gloria". It’s funny because during
that time the group was named  “Gloria” in the Netherlands

If you read the information at the back of the record cover you will
understand how good this group was.

Because of that I wrote this slogan:
(Unit) Gloria, The most under valued popgroup of the Netherlands.

The record is now available on CD and you order it at

Side 1:

1. Brink Of Disaster* (J.A. Griffin/M.Z. Gordon)
2. Summer Rain* (James Hendricks)
3. From The Ends Of The Earth** (John Möring/Karel Hille)
4. Still Searching For Love* (David Matthews)
5. See That Fool* (A. Hol/H. v. Hardeveld/R. Leverman/G. Hol)
6. Our Life** (John Möring/Karel Hille)

Side 2:

1. Close Another Door* (Bee Gees)
2. Wild bird* (A. Hol/R. Leverman)
3. To Make My Father Proud* (Bob Crewe/Larry Wiers)
4. Mrs. Milly Money* (John Möring)
5. Old Man* (Bobbie Graham/John Möring)
6. The Last Seven Days** (John Möring/Karel Hille)

*Nicky Welsh ** Wim Jongbloed

Producer: Bobby Graham

Label: Imperial 5C 054-24072





This information is written at the backside of the record cover.

Right below you see a picture of the beautiful inside cover.





German Release

Label: EMI Columbia 1C 052-24072





Israël Release

The different with the Dutch and German version of this record
is that on the front side in the middle of the record-sleeve
is written Stereo.

Another big different is that on the back side of the record sleeve
the group picture is displayed which is at Dutch and German version printed on the inside record sleeve.

Label: EMI - His Master Voice  5C 054-24072

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