EP Johnny B. Good..............

This is a very unique 7” EP from Unit Gloria,
released in Mexico in the year 1972.

It is very surprising that the Record company has used 
"Johnny B. Good"  & "Don't Upset Your Self” as a first number
at each side of the record, because on the original 7” Single version those
numbers are on the B-side.

To use the combination of two exciting singles for this EP is unique.

Side 1:
Johnny B. Good
(C. Berry)
Don't Upset Yourself
(B.Leverman-H.van Hardeveld-A. Hol-G. Hol)

Side 2:
The Leader
Anthony King/Harold Spiro)
What's The Use

Producer: Unit Gloria & Ad Bouman

Label: Capitol-EMI   EPEM-10618 





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