Michael Hirschmann.......( Robert Long under a different name)

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Michael Hirschmann is Robert Long under a different name.
Under this name this 7” record was brought out in 1973.

 Very nice record with the style of Phil Spector,
it's a pity that it didn’t became a hit,
because it had the potential to become one

Side 1:
Nothing Would Matter

(Alain Thierry / A.Termol)

Side 2:
The World Is Grey, The World Is Blue
(E. Charden / Monty / E. Charden)
Producer:Ad Bouman

Label: Pink Elephant PE 22.727-H





Another Ducth Release now with
yellow boarder and more green!!!!

Special is the "NOT FOR SALE" stamp on the label

Label: Pink Elephant PE 22.727-H





This is a very special release out of Brazil.

The record label is also different,
but written is that it original is from Pink Elephant.

Label: One way ON-105




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