Robert Long - I Believe in Love


“I Believe In Love” was the second 7” solo record of Robert Long
after the successful record “Let Us Try”.

The record was released in October 1973.

On the B-Side is recorded an own composition of Robert Long.

Side 1:
I Believe In Love


Side 2:
Lover Sweet Lover
(B. Leverman)

Producer: John Möring

Label: Bovema EMI 5C 006-24850





German Release

Label: Bovema EMI 1C 006-24850





Belgium Release

Label: EMI 4 C006-24850





This is the Japanese release of the record "I Believe in Love"
In Japan this record is released under the name of
" I Believe in Music"
Why this is, that’s not clear.

Between the Japanese characters you can see clearly that they talk
about the records of Unit Gloria

Japanse Uitgave

Label: Odeaon Records 5C 006-24850