De Snelbinders.......( Unit Gloria under a different name)

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“De Snelbinders” was Unit Gloria but under a different name.

On a Sunday afternoon in 1970 after the recording of Jingles for Radio Veronica, the group recorded also two songs as a joke.
These recordings were done by the radio station itself. Every member
of the group was in a different location of the building.
For example: one of them was sitting in the kitchen
(it was a Radio Station NOT a recording studio)

The recording was under supervision of Ad Bouman
( Sound Engineer at Radio Veronica at that time )

The lyrics of both songs are in the Dutch language,
but I can tell you the text of the songs are very funny.

The A-side is named “Da's te Gek Zeg”. Parts of this song were
very often used as jingle at the Ad Bouman Top10 program.  

For the music at the B-side is used:  “Eat at Home” from Paul McCartney,
but also for this song is used a very funny Dutch text.

Side 1:
Da's te Gek Zeg

(R. Opaal)

Side 2:
Doe Je Jas An (Eat At Home)
(McCartney, R. Opaal)

Producer: Ad Bouman

Label: Zilvervloot 05-15169-1

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