This is Robert Long....................


“This is Robert Long” is released in 1970 and was actual a solo album
in co-operation with Unit Gloria.

On this album you hear a couple of slow numbers and also some covers,
for example “May Each Day” from “Andy Williams”

Again the record company has put 
some old hits from Unit Gloria on this album.

Bobbie Graham ( The Producer of Unit Gloria ) was very upset
about the decision of EMI-Bovema to use old hits on this album.
That was for him the reason to leave EMI-Bovema.

On the backside of the album cover, you see a picture of Unit Gloria
which is the same as on the 7” records “Heartaches and Sorrow”

Side 1:

1. May Each Day  (M. Green/ G. Wyle)
2. The Last Seven Days (Möring/Hille) 

3. Daddy, Who Are You? (Jongbloed/Hille)
4. Our Life (Möring/Hille)
5. Old Man (Möring/Graham)
6. Anyone Who Loved Once (Favata/Hille)

(with Ricky van Heck)

Side 2:

1. In The Beginning (D’Abo)
(With Nicky and Ricky van Heck)
2. Our Father (Möring/Hille)
3. What Would We Do  (Möring/Hille)
4. From The Ends Of The Earth  (Möring/Hille)
5. To Make My Father Proud  (Crew/Weiss)
6. Land Of Hope And Glory  (Elgar/Benson)

Arr.: Wim Jongbloed; kant 2:3: Jurriaan Röntgen;
kant 1:5 en 2:5: Nicky Welsh

Producer: Bobby Graham

Label: Imperial 5C 054-24314

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