To You - Take A heart....................


“To You” released in December 1971 is a very beautiful record.
The original song is much longer, but this record is
made shorter to fit on a 7” record.
The longer version you can find on the Long Player “Ultrajectum”

The song starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar play from Ab (Muis) following
by the bass play from Hoss, which gives this number the right boost.

You can still hear this song on the radio these days.

The B-Side of the record (“Take a Heart”) is again a real Unit Gloria song,
with lyrics by and Hoss.

The woman voice at the end of the record is Yvonne Paay’s.

At the front side of the cover sleeve you see a picture of Unit Gloria,
but this picture is printed in mirror view.
Because of that this record became a collection item.

Side 1:
To You


Side 2:
Take A Heart

Producer: Ad Bouman

Label: Imperial 5c 006-24463

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