"Ultrajectum" is released in 1971. On this record you can hear how
Unit Gloria really sounded when they were live performing,
without adding orchestra or other effects.

With Ad Bouman as producer this album became a big hit!!!
Fantastic songs are on this album, even when you play
them these days they are wonderful.

At the front-cover of this album you see a drawing of old Utrecht
( Utrecht was called in the past “Ultrajectum” )

On side 1, the record starts with the song called “ Magic Rider”,
a fantastic number which starts with the sound of clocks
and city noise and goes over in a very nice rhythm.
"Magic Rider” is mixed into the Part 2  version of
“ Heartaches and Sorrow”, the 7” record was Part 1.

On side 1 are also the long versions of “To You” and “What’s the Use”.

Side 2 starts with “ The Girl that Stood Beside Me”,
followed by ‘Money Maker”: a real rock and roll number
with a fantastic bass guitar solo from Hoss in co-operation with a
drum solo from Miep. With a little help of Robert Long and Muis,
“Money Maker was always the hit of the evening during
the live performances of the group.

The next song is “Old Mack” which has
a beautiful intro, followed by “ Sense of Spring”, a great song,
which was another huge hit during the live performances.

This is Unit Gloria at their best!!!!!!!!!!

The last two songs on this album are “I Hear A Voice” and “Farewell”.
The name of the last song “Farewell” became a reality because this was really the last album in this formation, that was really a pity!!!!!!

"Ultrajectum" is released in three different versions:
1: The record labels are white and without text on it.
2: The record with normal text labels and with all the
extra sounds and jokes on it.
3: Record without the extra sounds and jokes.           

The record is now available on CD and you order it at  www.fonos.nl

Side 1:

1. Magic Rider (Meep/House/Hoss/Long)
2. Heartaches And Sorrow (part 2) (Meep/House/Hoss/Long)
3. To You  (Meep/House/Hoss/Long)
4. What’s The Use (Meep/House/Hoss/Long)

Side 2:

1. The Girl That Stood Beside Me  (Jeffrey Stevens)
2. Money Maker (E. James)
3. Old Mack (Meep/House/Hoss/Long)
4. Sense Of Spring  (Meep/House/Hoss/Long)
5. I Hear A Voice  (M. Lindsay/T. Melcher)
6. Farewell  (Meep/House/Hoss/Long)

Unit Gloria

Producer:Ad Bouman

Label: Imperial 5c 052-24392




Label of the first release ( try out  release )Ultrajectum LP





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