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Welcome at UNIT GLORIA .NL the official website from

The most under valued popgroup of the Netherlands.


The Double CD from Unit Gloria
with all A&B sides and More !!!!!



>>>> You are listening to the singles of Unit Gloria <<<<



Read at this website everything about the
successful years of Unit Gloria.
- Watch and listening to all 7" records which Unit Gloria brought out.

(With lead-singer Robert Long and Bonnie St. Claire)


- Watch and listening to all the LP & CD's which were brought out.

-Did you know that Unit Gloria brought out record under a different

name as "De Snelbinders" and  "Santa Fe".


Listening to the Radio Veronica Jingles which Unit Gloria made for them.


-Read about the successful Tour in the USA.


Watch all the pictures in the new photo books

Weekly there is new information at the website, I hope you

will visit this website on regular bases


Questions and Suggestions are always welcome


Write also something
in the Guestbook.

 I wish you a lot of fun and listening moments

       when you visit this website!!!!!!!!

              Cocky van Pieterson

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